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        In the field of everything digital where the world is classic watch, it is simple to not remember about the humble, mechanically performed wrist watch. There is a slight confusion regarding that the three hundred year field is being disrupted by the technology professionals like google and apple. MVMT market them like quality timepieces designed with a refined concentration to explain which flow without any disturbance in to the life .After opening the covered package, you are wish with a clumsy, mediocre neoprene case. It is a design is appreciated while the construction questionable at best. This does not appear or sense like the wrapping of best time piece whatsoever. Impression at the first stage, i would be lying if i said was not so good. it is such as a case for an affordable sat- nav.

        Best quality of watch:

        On opening the over crafted zip and the unsatisfied feeling does not last for more time. The watch is having within, sat such as a diamond in the case. Finding interestingly placed the best quality of the MVMT watch face shines by. On opening the box, the protective plastics eliminated, the excellent quality of the time piece became clear. In the hand, the watch contains a reassuring weight sensation, completed in an amazing precision operated brush finish. The branded legitimate leather is another best thing which despite the eighty dollar cost tag; this really is a best product. The MVMT model we have chosen for is from the normal range, completed with black face and tan wrist band. Having closer checking the hour markers, minute and hour markers are finely marked in the similar brushed metal completion like the body, but without the black completion of anodise. In red the brand and second finger give a further clue of the least touches that mixed, equate to construct prowess in a league exterior their focused cost brand.

        Light and comfortable

        On the hand, it sense best. One of my major complaints with watches in common is that they do not offer for keyboard captains such as me, whose work at a desk shows I contain highly thin wrists. Accepting I am on the first slash of the strap, but you find wearing it. It is weightless and convenient, integrated with leather strap shows that wrist sweat is not a problem, an issue which usually plagues cost effective watches with the faux leather bands. In spite of it is bold and chunky appearance, it is amazingly discreet to wear. Unobtrusive is how i will explain it, that is certain thing which cannot be told for some of the costly watches i have worn. In telling, that these expensive pieces are obnoxious and arrogant presence is part of the good look.


        A highly fulfilling product at a cheap price point, The MVMT watch actually does live up to the purport, but the experience was not perfect. I would suggest the watch definitely, but the unexpected problem with customs did provide a light bitter taste.