MVMT Watches Review – What Expected And What I Received

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The world of hand watches is growing so fast and there are many cases with various companies involved in this progress of the industry.

Recently, we had a virtual tour looking for the brand new examples of watches out there. We allowed ourselves to take a look outside the world of high-tech, and turn to the world of watches with MVMT.

This is a young brand company that focuses on three important points: a minimalist look to go as well for a casual watch that is built of quality materials and finally an affordable price.

The result is six watches for the moment, ranging from $ 95 to $ 100. You must love the leather or metal, but you will love them all especially for their simplicity. These little jewels come in black and brown leather types for customers’ tastes and desires.

The watches are very classy of high premium quality. The specifications of each watch type are unique and very distinguishing which make them differ in prices as well. But, let’s say it is completely a different experience when you try the product and experience it as an owner of it. Your hand will be more distinctive thanks to the product nice looks and simplicity. I am totally sure that once you check the watches website you will be astonished by the high quality and classic design of the product. In this post review, we are having an overall look at the product; the main features, the advantages of the product, some drawbacks and a final verdict in addition to some customers’ reviews and reactions.

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The features of the watches

High Quality Product

Any observer of the watches can easily feel the high quality of the product from MVMT. All their watches come in a very good quality that certainly make them look unique and far more powerful and strong. This is actually a notable part of the product. Though the company sticks to the classic design of its watches, it still brings a new spirit to the overall design benefitting from the leather bands and other sophisticated techniques. The price of each watch differs from the other but the lowest in price is also designed with a high finish that nobody can say anything about it or its price. You would never find a watch of that low price from such international well-known and popular company like MVMT.

Simplicity, Minimalism, and Classic Design

mvmt watches review

One would be very astonished by the variety of watches that MVMT (pronounced as movement) provides its customers with. There are different series with different unique colors, shapes, materials and inside functioning machines. Overall, all of them are developed with a waterproof technology that can make them resist being in deep water for a long time.

They are also capable of resisting any damage, level of heat or cold. The watches are marked with simplicity. They are simply designed to suit those who do not seem to like high sophisticated watches with a lot of trivialities. The other thing is minimalism; this is something the company is proud of. It only focuses on minimal things to be included in a stylish modern or classic watch.

By focusing on this aspect, the company is targeting a very specific category of people; those who seem to smarter, practical and more active.

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Main Product Features & Specifications

Chrono Gun Metal or Sandstone Leather

Black/Tan LeatherBlack/Black Leather

Chrono White/Caramel Leather

Rose Gold/Brown Leather

MVMT Watches come in four major types or series: men’s classic series, men’s Chrono series, men’s 40 series and finally women’s watches. By this variety, the company wants to cater for all customers’ needs and desires for hand watches for both men and women. As it makes it clear that the classic style of some people would meet the modern vivid design of the watches, also the chic design would meet the styled minimalism. This is the company’s philosophy that is based on ‘the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank’ meaning that you no longer need to spend a lot to get a top modern watch like MVMT.

Customers’ Reviews from Amazon

The MVMT watches have been on Amazon for quite two years now and they are making good sales. Black and Brown watches have made some hundred and thirty sales for each with about 4.8 scoring out of all positive reviews from customers and verified purchases.

Nice looking but it feels light, which in turn, feels cheap to me. 7/10.

It's certainly a nice looking watch. Everyone says the size of the face is nice, I'm a big guy so I would prefer it slightly larger. Maybe it is because I am used to watches from Nordstroms in the $300-$400 range but this watch is much lighter than I would have imagined. Can be a good or bad thing depending on what your looking for. But for me, in terms of watches, I usually think weight is synonymous with quality. The watch being manufactured in China and feeling light makes me think "cheap."

I would prefer if it was slightly larger and weighed a bit more. I do not think it will be as durable as my other watches and will certainly look nice as a watch for a specific outfit. Not sure if it meets my standards as an everyday watch.

Like I said, its a nice looking watch. For $100 its an okay deal. Not a great deal. Should be more around $60-$70.

Tommy Wheeler

Simple and elegant watch for the everyday

This watch is simple, yet it is very elegant and playful at the same time. The watch is very light, which some may prefer. Personally I equate light watches to being cheap. I decided to take a gamble on this because I am used to the Nixon leather band watches, but this was fifty dollars cheaper at the time of purchase. The stitching on the leather band looks great, but has yet to be tested. Setting the date on this watch is not as intuitive as other watches I own. The watch face is prone to finger prints, but nothing that a quick wipe will fix. Sits comfortably on my wrist and does not slide. Overall the price is fair for the type of watch can compete with other watches with the same style

Gerardo Mora

Good buy $$$

Super stoked to have this watch!! It feels a little bit over priced though. $60-70 is more realistic. But other than my price it blew my expectations out of the water! You will get comments and compliments on the watch! Good buy

Drake Smith

Advantages and Negative Points of the Product

I can admit that the product is of high quality given the fact that it is carefully designed and original. It is well developed and resistant. The colors used are also harmonious with all classic or fashionable clothes. It is not easily bumped or dented unless it faces serious hits. The other thing is that the straps of the product are built in original leather and the finish of every detail is just amazing.

Throughout my try experience, I noticed that the product could be of less value for some people with large wrists. The straps will not fit your wrist if it is a bit large because it comes with short leather straps that cannot be enlarged as is the case with some types of watches.

​Final verdict

The MVMT watch is quite affordable given its high quality.

It is generally a good product that a buyer wouldn’t regret buying it. I can say that if you are looking for a stubborn resistant watch that can last for years, you should opt for one of MVMT watches; the lowest of them in terms of price remains still an excellent choice for your everyday activities and professional life. I would personally recommend it but anyway one has to make a final decision on the type and kind of watch he or she will decide to buy before making the deal.